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Our Literary Line Of Candles

A World Of Books

Growing up I was surrounded by books. My parents didn’t believe in having us read the current trending books. No, they filled my bookshelves with classics like Pride and Prejudice, The Fountainhead and as I grew older anything by Kerouac and Miller. My father mixed the Bible in with Hemingway and my mother introduced me to Pearl Buck and Harper Lee.

Much like Alice from Alice in Wonderland, my childhood and teens years were filled with imagination and fantastic characters. I climbed the hills of Spain, solved mysteries in Great Britain and drank champagne with love sick millionaires. Those books let me be anyone I imagined myself to be. They made me into the dreamer I am today.

A few months ago my employee Ashley popped in wearing a T-shirt that said “Do you suppose she’s a flower?” And once again I found myself inspired by literature. I wrote it on our ever growing list of possible candle names. From there sparked a whole line of literary candles. And more in the making.

The World of Books is one I love. And I hope with each one of these literature inspired candles it transports you to that far off land – or at the very least inspires you to dust off that leather bound classic.


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