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Thank Goodness For Spring

Living in Wisconsin 99.9% of us enter into seasonal depression right around January 15th. Gloomy days leading into more gloomy days. Thank goodness for April…beautiful hopeful loving April. And now into May!

This week I took a venture to our greenhouse and spent sometime outside. Birds chirping, leaves budding, spring in the air…it’s amazing how the warm vitamin D and digging in dirt can heal the soul and soothe the mind.

Last night Chris brought in one of Juniper Moon Candle Co’s signature spring candle Grandfather’s Garden to jump start spring. This scent was crafted for my dad in memory of my childhood. My dad always had a large garden when I was a kid. His tomatoes were the highlight. I remember my mom canning for weeks on end because of the the sheer amount he would plant. Any rotten were save for tomato fights at the end of the season. This candle reminds me of my childhood. And brings spring into my mind and heart.

If you look closely you can see my father’s face on the label. Makes me smile all the time. Today with the sun shining and birds luring me outside, I was able to clean the greenhouse a bit and plant some seeds. I had the candle burning in the greenhouse with me and the whole space smelled my memories of my dad.

So out of the storms of winter and into the replenishing thunderstorms of spring. Washing away the old shit and cleansing us to be renewed. Isn’t that what spring is all about? So please pardon the dirt under my nails and my smelling of tomato plants and cucumbers. I am trying to clear out those storms of winter.

If you want to boost your serotonin for spring or just get your house smelling springy then head over to our homepage. We have not only Grandfather’s Garden but other spring scents. In addition to the candles and melts we now have room sprays that are all natural.

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