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Our sweet Ginia has passed on

Our sweetest Ginia – we will love you forever to the moon and back again

It’s with a heavy and broken heart I’m saddened to say my sweet wife Ginia has passed away after a 9 year battle with breast cancer. She was our Mighty One.

When we started Juniper Moon our goal was to work together as a family to create unique candle blends we could be proud of and share with you. Many of our most popular scents were invented by Ginia in our workshop after hours and hours of experimentation. She loved wooden wicks and we decided to make those a trademark of our brand. Our Literary line was entirely her idea after her love of timeless books and classic tales. Her ideas, clever candle names, brilliant product descriptions and endless contributions helped shape Juniper Moon into what it is now, and what it will become in the future. Read our origin story here.

When she was in the hospital during her last days I asked what we should do with Juniper Moon, because it was always something we wanted to do together. She said, “You keep going and don’t stop. Keep going.” So that’s exactly what we’re going to do: keep going. Our 11yr old son Evan will take on more of a role helping out when needed, and we will keep going as a family like she wanted us to do.

We will continue hand-crafting our unique candles, wax melts and room & linen sprays for you. Even though Ginia is gone, her touches on everything here will linger on and continue to make people smile and be kind to one another like she had such a way of doing.

Here are some of Ginia’s inventions she created in our workshop:

And her touches are on all the others too, with her notes and ideas left behind to help guide us to new things.

Thank you for your continued support during this challenging time for our family. We miss her so much but will carry on her legacy through Juniper Moon.

From our home to yours. – Chris & Evan (and Ginia while she is dancing somewhere in the warm rain)


Here is a video I made recently with Ginia and Evan. I’m so grateful we had the chance to finish it.

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2 thoughts on “Our sweet Ginia has passed on

  1. Chris this is so beautiful and such a precious memoryYou and Evan will treasure always ❤️ Oh how she Loved you both as I know how much the two of you Loved her❤️

  2. This again brings tears to my eyes. Oh I’m gonna miss her. Please keep Juniper moon going, in her honor. I’ll be sure to order more candles and sprays. Thanks again for a wonderful story and God Bless you all.

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