Our Origin Story

Based in Central WI, Juniper Moon Candle Co is the brain child of husband and wife team Chris and Ginia.

As 2021 began to wind down, long winter months had us snuggled by the fire discussing a business we could do together as a family. We have always loved candles and thought, “Could we make those? That might be fun!”

Mixing business and design (Chris), hippy nature, writing and wit (Ginia) and a bit of chaos (our 10yr old son), we got to work and jumped right into this new and fascinating world of candle making.

Many moons ago while picking out names for our soon to be child, we had decided on Juniper Moon for a girl. As it turned out we were blessed with a little boy instead. Enter modern day and we had a new candle company in the works. We came up with name idea after name idea, and some were actually quite good – but kept coming back to Juniper Moon. If it was good enough for our daughter then it’s good enough for our new brand – and Juniper Moon Candle Co was born!

Chris began construction on a new maker space in our existing shop building, giving us working room and an area to expand should we need. Soon we were surrounded by more fragrance oil samples than we knew what to do with, experimenting and trying different blends, all while getting familiar with our new equipment and the mysterious ways of candle making.

We spent weeks and weeks in the studio putting our creative energy to work; narrowing down our blends, coming up with fun and silly candle names, designing labels and creating stories behind some of our favorite creations. It was a blast!

One day the UPS guy asked “What’s going on?” during one of our many equipment and supply deliveries. When we said, “We’re starting a candle company!” he smirked and said, “Very cool! You guys are always up to something!” Indeed my brown uniformed friend, indeed.

And thus began the long, four month startup journey of creating Juniper Moon – and at this point we’re hooked, no take backs.

Our dream is to bring joy and warmth to your home with our products. A little bit of handcrafted, small batch Wisco love in every country style mason jar. So sit back, take a deep breath and enjoy Juniper Moon candles!

-Chris & Ginia

Many moons ago…we knew we’d do something cool one day

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