Grandfather’s Pipe – Wooden Wick Soy Candle


Let the comforting scents of tobacco, smoke, and vanilla create an atmosphere of warmth and grandfatherly love.

12oz = up to 100 hrs burn time

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Crafted with meticulous attention to detail and infused with the essence of sentimentality, Grandfather’s Pipe captures the essence of family and the timeless connections we hold dear.

As the flickering flame dances atop this handcrafted masterpiece, allow yourself to be transported back to the cozy moments spent with your beloved grandfather. This exceptional creation captures the essence of those visits, when the comforting scents of tobacco, smoke and vanilla enveloped the room, creating an atmosphere of warmth and love.

With each gentle waft of tobacco, a sense of familiarity and comfort settles around you, like a soft embrace from a loved one. The subtle notes of smoke weave through the air, evoking memories of crackling fireplaces and stories passed down through generations. Meanwhile, the delicate essence of vanilla adds a touch of sweetness, reminiscent of the treats shared during those treasured visits.

Indulge in the magic and let it illuminate your space with the essence of family, love, and nostalgia. Let the flickering flame rekindle the treasured memories and fill your heart with the warm memory of your grandfather’s presence.

The unique frosting of natural soy and the crackling of our hand cut wooden wick adds to the beauty and warmth of this white hued candle.

  • 100% all natural soy wax made from Midwestern soybean crops
  • Hand cut, crackling wooden wick made in the USA
  • Phthalate free fragrance oils
  • Country style, high quality square glass mason jar made in USA
  • Threaded twist on pewter metal lid
  • Clean burning and very low soot compared to petroleum-based paraffin wax

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12oz Pint Mason Jar


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