Soy beans!

A Decision We Made

When we decided to start Juniper Moon Candle Co we looked at the different kinds of waxes out there and decided to use only 100% soy wax in our candles.

Soy wax was developed in 1996 and is made from the hydrogenated vegetable oil of soybeans. The wax we use is 100% natural, renewable eco-friendly soy wax and doesn’t have any chemicals or toxic additives.

Compared to petroleum-based waxes like paraffin, soy waxes burn slower, longer and cleaner – with virtually no soot being generated during combustion – and does a better job aerosolizing fragrances into the air as well!

100% natural soy wax flakes


Due to a phenomenon known as polymorphism, the biochemical makeup of soy wax can sometimes lead to crystalline irregularities in appearance from temperature fluctuations. In Candle World this is better known as “frosting” and is more obvious in colored candles vs white candles.

Frosting is a perfectly normal occurrence that can happen during the hours, days and weeks it takes for natural soy wax to fully cure once it’s poured into the jar in molten form. We do our best to minimize frosting in our candles but it’s entirely likely you will see some frosting through the transparent glass of the jar. Some think it’s beautiful.

Frosting is purely cosmetic and is a telltale sign of 100% soy wax!

Frosting – something we’ve learned to live with

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